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One Simple Mindset Change To Help You Lose Weight

September 12, 2017

Losing weight can sometimes feel like a long hard slog. Some weeks you do a great job. You work hard. Eat well. Exercise and then you step on the scales only to get what feels like a slap in the face. The scales have barely gone done or worse still they’ve gone up. You feel … Continued

How to Have Your Cake and Still Lose Weight!

August 24, 2017

Imagine a life where you can eat whatever you like whenever you like and not worry about putting on weight and in many cases even lose weight! I know to most woman that sounds like utopia. Some place they dream of getting to but don’t believe they will ever experience. Well I want you to … Continued

Do You Have an Emotional Eating Escape Plan?

June 20, 2017

Yesterday I was with a client who talked to me about an emotional eating episode she’d had during the week. When we first started discussing the situation she wasn’t aware why she had been over eating. She just knew she’d eaten more than she normally would, without even thinking. When we got down to the … Continued

3 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself On Your Weight Loss Journey

June 15, 2017

Most people start off on their weight loss journey focusing on changing their nutrition and exercise routines. They start off full of motivation and make great progress until one day they slip up. They eventually end up going back to their old habits and beat themselves up for not having the willpower to be able … Continued

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