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October 17, 2017

I had developed some bad habits over the years – emotional eating, eating out of boredom – and realised that restrictive diets were not the answer – I needed help to change my mindset around food and as a busy, working Mum I knew I couldn’t do it alone! Amelia’s coaching was exactly what I needed – I cannot recommend her highly enough. Amelia is incredibly supportive when things get tough but also challenges me when I need to adjust my thinking in order to move forward. Amelia is a great coach – she provides me with questions to ask myself and tools to help me dig deep and make sustainable change. She has helped me identify the life I want to be living and is always there for me, supporting me as I make the changes needed to get there. I’m proud to say my mindset has definitely changed and I am seeing the results on the scales but most importantly I am enjoying life so much more! Thanks Amelia!